T-900 Frequently Asked Questions
Are you able to transfer the address book from one two-way pager to another?
Yes - this can be done by bringing both pagers to our office to do an address book copy. (minimal fee may apply)
Does the T-900 pager have an alert that will vibrate and beep?
Yes - this feature can be selected in the alert menu which will allow the pager to give an vibrating alert followed by an audible alert for messages received.
What does "Receive Only" mean?
You are unable to reply to messages that are received on the pager in this mode.
What does "Full Service" or "Send and Receive Messages" mean?
You are able to send and receive pages in this mode.
What does "Storing" mean?
You have traveled outside of the paging coverage. All messages received will be stored up to 96 hours and sent to the pager once you are back inside a coverage area.
What is the e-mail address to my pager?
10digitnumber@airmessage.net ex: 8161234567@airmessage.net
Can I create an email address for my two-way pager?
A vanity name can be assigned as the e-mail address to your pager. For example: Mobilfone@airmessage.net or j.smith@airmessage.net. This feature can be added at time of activation at no additional charge or anytime after activation for a one time fee.
What is "Private Time"?
This feature allows the pager to function normally during a specified time period but does not provide an audible or vibrate alert.
Can I have more than one number on my pager?
The two-way pagers can not have multiple numbers assigned, therefore you may
have a local or an 800 number but not both.
Is there a maximum character length for the subject line when sending a message?
The maximum character length for the subject line is 58 characters.
Do you have the ability to increase the size of the font on the pager?

The font size can be increased on the pager depending on the operating system. Please contact our customer care department for more information.